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FIVA – Financial Institution Valuation Advisors is a not-for-profit organization promoting valuation departments in financial institutions throughout the US. The goal of FIVA is to provide chief appraisers, chief credit officers and valuation managers a resource for appraisal department best practices. Gain professional insights, guidance and technologies through relevant educational content and networking with peers. Our vision is to have a highly knowledgeable and talented community committed to promoting and ensuring excellence in real estate valuation within financial institutions. Our mission is to measurably improve the ability for valuation professionals to provide accurate and regulatory compliant value estimates and risk analysis of the real estate collateral in their organizations. We aim to educate and provide resources to ensure our members are the best equipped professionals in the industry. The value of a group comes down to a balance of contribution, engagement and received value.

“I left with so many great takeaways. A lot of good information. And I think one of the beautiful things about FIVA for me…
is one, it helped validate some of the things I think we do pretty well, but then at the same time, we’re always trying to sharpen that saw. There’s still gaps, in our bank, where areas we can improve.”

Michael Pratico, Chief Appraisal Officer of Columbia Bank New Jersey

” I believe FIVA is still in it’s infancy. but it has set a foundation that can be highly beneficial to the Appraisal and Valuation industries going forward. It has been helpful to connect with other Chief Appraisers across the country. So far I have only attended the webinar meetings, but I have enjoyed those and found them helpful. Hearing what other Chief Appraisers are dealing with and how they are handling them has proven to be very beneficial. Also, being able to submit questions and to receive feedback from peers is a great help.”

Rick Hull, SVP, Appraisal Manager at Heritage Bank NW

History of FIVA

While FIVA – Financial Institution Valuation Advisors, started during COVID, the seed germinated several years earlier.  There were a few of us who found ourselves believing that there had to be a better way for real estate valuation professionals working inside financial institutions to connect and create value for not only their institution, but the industry at large.

We wanted to create and support a different kind of organization – one that was focused solely on the needs of those responsible for the valuation of real estate assets  in their institutions. We knew that valuation professionals inside of their organizations were the smartest professionals best equipped to provide excellent value. Yet these same individuals often had limited opportunities and few options for real life industry and business education, camaraderie, with direct access to other professionals in the audit and compliance organizations that are such a big part of running their departments.

Our original small group reached out throughout the industry to learn firsthand what was needed and went to work to create an organization to fill that need. We learned that the biggest needs centered on education, elevating the industry, and connecting with each other and FIVA was born with the mission to Elevate, Communicate and Educate!

Just as we were getting ready to launch in person meetings COVID struck. We did not let that hold us back so we created our first virtual meeting in August 2020. We grew month by month before you knew it, 100 plus were in attendance and we are still growing.

We hope you will take the time to experience for yourself why we are so passionate about FIVA!

Meet the Founders

Brenda Dohring Hicks, MAI ​
Robert Bruce Landis
Fiva Founder Jeff Hicks Fiva Founder Jeff Hicks
Jeff Hicks, MAI
Fiva Founder Michael Pratico Fiva Founder Michael Pratico
Michael J. Pratico, Jr.
Fiva Founder Everett "Allen" Greer Fiva Founder Everett "Allen" Greer
Everett “Allen” Greer

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FIVA - Financial Institution Valuation Advisors is a not-for-profit organization promoting valuation departments in financial institutions throughout the US.

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